Private classes are offered in my Cleveland, Ohio studio. I work with each student one-on-one, so the content of each class can be modified in order to learn exactly what you want.  Whether you'd like to build your own sneaker design entirely from scratch, or learn how to recreate an existing shoe like the Jordan 1 - I can show you the way.  You will learn how to tape a last, create the design lines and pattern, how to skive leather and work a sewing machine, and how to last your shoes and attach the  soles.  Most courses are 5 intensive days, at the end of which you will walk away in a pair of shoes that you made. 


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When filling out the Message section, please include your ideal dates to come in for a class, and we will coordinate a time that works for us both.  I will also need to know what style of shoe you want to make. Plan on a Monday-Friday experience, working intensively from about 10-5 everyday.  If we need to work longer hours, we will.  Classes are $3500 and include all components & materials (exotic leather excluded - and you shouldn't use exotics to learn with anyway) as well as professional tools to use while here.  I look forward to working with you!

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